Great high-quality photos make a difference in how your home shows on the internet


If you want to take photos yourself, here are a few tips:

-A room bathed in sunlight, take a picture of that room on a sunny day, early in the morning or afternoon.

-Take photos that show the best of each room

-Turn on all artificial light when taking pictures, even if there is enough light - it creates a special ambiance.

-Use a tripod to avoid motion blur.

-Shoot straight on.  If your camera has a grid or compositional guides in the viewfinder (even iPhones have this feature built in), this is a perfect moment to use that tool.

-If you have a lack of space when shooting smaller rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, and don’t have a wide angle lens change your environment  Feel free to move things around. If you can’t take the perfect photo of your room because there’s a big ol’ couch behind you, move that couch! If there’s a houseplant where you need your tripod to be, move that houseplant! If you can get a better shot of the room in question from the next room over, then by all means—shoot through the door! 

This also goes for things that might be getting in the way within your photo. If there are any unsightly cords, objects, or pieces of furniture that are interfering with your picture then get rid of them!



If you're not comfortable taking pictures yourself, hire a dedicated photographer that will ensure your photos show the best of each room and exceed the competition. This will help sell your home quicker. Great high-quality photos make a difference in how your home shows on the internet



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