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How do I find the right value for my home?

  • Remember both buyer and seller markets are local. Ask around your neighborhood to find out what homes similar to yours sold for. Make sure they are similar in size, age and condition. Use the price per square foot to find your value

  • Hire an appraiser (here we should have a hyper link connecting appraisers we know)

    • Make sure the appraiser is familiar with your neighborhood and feel free to provide him with any information you may have regarding other home sales in your area

  • Find out what your pay-off is. Make sure the price of your home, when sold, pays off your current  mortgage

  • Be sure and include the upfront cost of your improvement’s & maintenance to get your home ready to sell

  • Have in mind your bottom line. What is the lowest amount of dollars you will sell your home for?

  • Try these links for additional help in pricing: Federal Housing Finance, Y-Charts, Home Affordable Finance Program, All Transactions House Price Index for Texas