Most buyers work with a real estate agent that will provide all the paper work need to enter into a purchase agreement. However, if the buyer is not working with an agent you can download the purchase contract, all disclosures and addendum from, US Legal Forms (this should be a hyperlink).


You the seller can accept as many offers as you want and during this offer time can negotiate 1 or more offers until you decide you the one you like. The so-called standard contract may have some terms, etc that may need to be explained. An attorney can help you with get through the legal aspects of the offer. Once the offer is signed by all parties and has a date it becomes a legal contract.


Consider these steps:

  • Have your attorney review the offer before signing it

  • As the seller you don’t have to accept the offer as written. You can reject the offer entirely or modify any of the clauses, sign it and send it back as a counter offer.

  • The paperwork specifies the amount of the offer, the closing date, financing details, and details of the option period

  • You may look at all offers and accept the one that most meets your needs.

  • The buyer’s agent will most likely present the offer to you along with a check or money order made out to the title company where the closing will take place. This money is the “earnest money”

  • Once all parties sign the offer it becomes a legal contract. You and the buyer are bound to the legal terms of the contract




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